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On October 3, 2018, the University Heights City Council authorized the creation of the University Heights City Beautiful Corporation for the “purpose of advancing, encouraging and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial and civic development of the City of University Heights” and for the purpose of implementing the City of University Heights Master Plan. The University Heights City Beautiful Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors made up of City elected and appointed officials and a resident of the City.

Meeting agendas will be posted one week before the scheduled meeting. Due to Covid-19 concerns, meetings are currently held through Zoom. 

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
June 25, 2020AgendaMinutes
June 11, 2020AgendaMinutes
May 18, 2020AgendaMinutes
February 19, 2020AgendaMinutes
December 16, 2019AgendaMinutes
October 7, 2019AgendaMinutes
September 16, 2019AgendaMinutes
March 18, 2019AgendaMinutes
February 26, 2019AgendaMinutes
January 8, 2019AgendaMinutes
December 11, 2018 (Cancelled)AgendaN/A


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the University Heights City Beautiful Corporation has the Mayor, the Vice Mayor, 2 City Council members, the Community Development Coordinator, the Economic Development Director, and a Citizen appointed by City Council. The Board of Directors meets on an as-needed basis; meeting announcements and agendas will be posted above.

Michael Dylan Brennan

Chair and Board Member

Michelle Weiss

Vice Chair and Board Member

Dennis Kennedy


Brendan Zak


Susan Pardee

Board Member

Justin Gould

Board Member

Susan Drucker

Board Member

Win Weizer

Board Member