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The Service Department is responsible for all public works of the city, including streets and sanitation, and maintenance of public properties.

The Service Department is requesting proposals for janitorial services. Please see the legal ad for more information: RFP Janitorial Services- Legal Ad

  • Rubbish cans not to exceed 32 gallons/50 lbs filled
  • Rubbish placed adjacent to driveway and accessible for collection
  • NO construction materials

All garbage for collection must be bagged or wrapped and stored inside rigid containers with tight fitting lids. All containers must be made of galvanized metal or weather resistant plastic, not to exceed 32 gallons in capacity and 50 pounds filled weight. All rubbish containers must be maintained in a sanitary condition at all times.
(See Codified Ordinance 1064.02)

All rubbish to be collected must be placed on or adjacent to the driveway and accessible for collection. Do not leave rubbish containers beside the garage for collection. To avoid mistaken pickup of any non-rubbish items, please keep a 10 foot radius around your rubbish.

If you are doing home remodeling, your contractor is responsible for disposing of all construction materials not in the City.

All recyclable items listed can be mixed in a clear or blue tint bag (10 gallons or less). Tie bagwith a knot. DO NOT USE TWIST TIES.

What Can Be Recycled?

  • ALL GLASS BOTTLES & JARS (Clear / Brown / Green)
  • PLASTIC CONTAINERS NUMBERED 1—7 (plastic lids are also recyclables)
  • METAL CANS (includes aluminum foil, trays and aerosol cans; metal lids opened by a can opener)
  • NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINES, BULK PAPER, CARDBOARD etc., (please bag these items separately or drop off at the Service Department)

Please do not use bags that exceed 10 gallons in size for recycling. Large bags will not fit into the recycling basket on the rubbish scooters.

For information about special pickups please click here.

Yard waste must be placed in a kraft bag in the front yard for composting.

GRASS & LEAVES: Placed in bags or rubbish cans (cans must be made of galvanized metal or weather resistant plastic, not to exceed 32 gallons in capacity and 50 pounds filled weight). BRUSH: Bundled not longer than four (4) feet in diameter. LOGS: Cut into two (2) foot lengths and not to exceed 50 pounds.

Excessive amounts of yard waste is considered a “Special Pickup”.

NOTE: Any bags with leaves or other yard waste placed with the weekly rubbish in the rear yard, will be picked up and discarded with your other rubbish, this includes kraft bags. If you are having tree work performed by a contractor, the contractor is responsible for the removal of any brush and/or logs.

Throughout the year, the city accepts household hazardous waste for disposal. These items can be dropped off in the Service Yard at City Hall. The city also sponsors a semi-annual collection of household hazardous waste and free paper shredding on the weekends that the clocks change. For an up-to-date list of what household hazardous waste is accepted, go to the Solid Waste District’s Accepted Household Hazardous Waste.

Call the Service Department at City Hall for the next date for this semi-annual collection event at (216) 932-7800.

Seasonal: Christmas trees should be placed on the tree lawn for collection. These trees will be ground-up and used as mulch. Because of this, please refrain from using tinsel on your tree, it does not compost readily.

Rubbish Pick-Up Schedule

**When your trash pick-up day falls on or after a federal holiday (see the January newsletter for the holiday schedule), your trash day will be one day later than normal. For example, if your normal pick-up day is on a Wednesday, but there is a federal holiday on a Wednesday, your rubbish will be picked up on Thursday, and Thursday’s rubbish will be picked up on Friday. For questions, call the Service Department at (216) 932-7800, extension 215.**

Street Name Pickup Day
Allison Road Thursday
Ashurst Road Thursday
Baintree Road Monday
Barrington Road Wednesday
Bethany Road Thursday
Brockway Road Wednesday
Bromley Road Monday
Bushnell Road (3773 to 3969) Wednesday
Bushnell Road (4013 to 4242) Tuesday
Canterbury Road Thursday
Carroll Boulevard Tuesday
Cedar Road (13485 to 13864) Wednesday
Cedar Road (14282 to 14298) Tuesday
Cedar Road (14302 to 14518) Monday
Cedarbrook Road Wednesday
Channing Road (2423 to 2626) Tuesday
Channing Road (2381 to 2420) Thursday
Charney Road Thursday
Churchill Boulevard Monday
Claridge Oval Thursday
Claver Road Monday
Conover Road Tuesday
Cranston Road Wednesday
Dysart Road Thursday
Eardley Road Thursday
East Carroll Boulevard Monday
East Scarborough Road Thursday
Eaton Road Thursday
Edgerton Road (2176 to 2272) Wednesday
Edgerton Road (2296 to 2652) Thursday
Elmdale road Monday
Farland Road Wednesday
Faversham Road Thursday
Fenwick Rd (2423, 2431, 2435-2638) Tuesday
Fenwick Road (2164 to 2271) Wednesday
Fenwick Road (2415-2420, 2424, 2432) Thursday
Fenwood Road Tuesday
Glendon Road Tuesday
Grenville Road Thursday
Groveland Road Monday
Hillbrook Road (3701 to 3850) Thursday
Hillbrook Road (4014 to 4022) Tuesday
Hadleigh Road Tuesday
Jackson Boulevard Wednesday
Kerwick Road Tuesday
Lafayette Road Monday
Lelemant Road Tuesday
Lansdale Road Wednesday
Laurelhurst Road Monday
Loyola Road Tuesday
Meadowbrook Blvd (3581 to 3854) Thursday
Meadowbrook Blvd (3857 to 4115) Tuesday
Milford Road Tuesday
Milton Road Monday
Miramar Boulevard Tuesday
Northcliffe Road Thursday
Northwood Road Thursday
Raymont Boulevard Wednesday
Rubyvale Road Monday
Saybrook Road (2423 to 2628) Tuesday
Saybrook Road (2284 to 2420) Thursday
Scholl Road Thursday
Silsby Road (3469 to 3969) Wednesday
Silsby Road (4016 to 4249) Tuesday
Silsby Road (4284 to 4501) Monday
S Belvoir Blvd (2268, 2472, 2568) Tuesday
S Belvoir Blvd Monday
S Green Road Monday
S Taylor Road Wednesday
Staunton Road Wednesday
Summerfield Road Monday
Traymore Road (2326 to 2421) Thursday
Traymore Road (2277-2318, 2424-2653) Tuesday
Tullamore Road Wednesday
Tyndall Road Tuesday
University Boulevard Tuesday
University Parkway Monday
Vernon Road Wednesday
Warrensville CR ( 2332, 2344) Thursday
Warrensville Center Road Tuesday
Washington Blvd (14257 to 14501) Monday
Washington Blvd (3490 to 3941) Wednesday
Washington Blvd (4009-14205) Tuesday
Westwood Road Wednesday
White Road Monday
Whiton Circle Monday
Wrenford Road (2223 to 2254) Tuesday
Wrenford Road (2300 to 2320) Monday
Wynn Road Wednesday


The City participates in the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District’s household hazardous waste program by sponsoring a semi-annual collection of household hazardous waste and free paper shredding event during the weekends the clocks change. For an up-to-date list of what household hazardous waste is accepted, go to the Solid Waste District’s Accepted Household Hazardous Waste.

The next collection is Saturday, March 11, 2017 from 9:00a to 1:00p. Residents can begin dropping off their household hazardous waste and papers for shredding (there will be locked containers to deposit the papers) on Friday, March 10, 2017 between 8:00a and 4:00p.

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