The Housing and Community Development Department is charged with enforcing the City’s Housing Code (Title Eight, City of University Heights Codified Ordinances) and the surveying and inspection all residential buildings and structures. The Housing Department manages housing complaints and nuisances, rental property registration, vacant property registration, point of sale inspections, exterior maintenance program inspections and other activities to ensure compliance with the Ordinances of the City of University Heights. All Housing Department forms and information are available online and can be filed with the Housing Department (3962 Silsby Road).

*Credit card payments for all Housing Department fees are accepted in-person only at the counter.*

The Department also manages planning and community development in the City, authoring grants to implement projects, and providing technical and data analytic support other City Departments. The Department oversees the implementation of the City’s Master Plan and reviewing and revising the City’s Zoning Code.



Housing and Community Development Director

P: (216) 932-7800
F: (216) 932-5239