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Residential Exterior Maintenance Inspection Program

The City’s Exterior Maintenance Inspection Program is a systematic, city-wide comprehensive exterior inspection of all residential property for compliance with the City’s Appearance Code. The inspection is conducted by a Housing Inspector in the City’s Housing and Community Development Department between the hours of 8:00a and 4:30p Monday through Friday. Letters will be mailed to property prior to inspection. The property owner does not need to be present for the inspection, but can request to be present by calling the Housing and Community Development Department at (216) 932-7800.

2020 Notice of Inspection to Community and Exterior Inspection Guidelines

If violations are found, property owners will be mailed an inspection report detailing the violations found during the inspection. Any violations found during the inspection must be corrected within the time noted on the Notice of Violation. Violations that present a health or safety risk will be given a shorter time to correct the violation. Extension requests may be granted by the Department as long as satisfactory progress is being made on correcting the violations.

**Properties with violations cited as part of the Exterior Maintenance Inspection Program may be eligible for a grant from the City of University Heights. See the University Heights Property Maintenance Grant Program on the Housing Resources webpage.**



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