Program Overview

Codified Ordinance 1474.10 requires a point of sale application and fee to be submitted and an inspection to be completed prior to the transfer of any residential property in the City. A Point of Sale (POS) Inspection is a visual interior and exterior inspection of a home prior to sale and transfer. A POS Inspection is required for all one- and two-family residential buildings in the City. Violations found in a POS Inspection must either be corrected by the seller or corrected by the buyer after filing an assumption of violations form and depositing funds commensurate with the violations into an escrow account.

A POS Inspection takes approximately one (1) hour to complete. Once complete, a POS Inspection report is mailed and/or emailed within ten (10) days of the date of the inspection. A POS Inspection is good for one year from the date of the initial inspection; a transfer must occur within this one-year time or a new POS application and filing fee must be submitted and an Inspection scheduled.

Filing Fees:

One-family Dwelling: $150.00
Two-family Dwelling: $200.00

The Process

      • Review this page and the POS FAQ.
      • Submit a Point of Sale Application and filing fee by mail (you will be called upon receipt of your application and payment to schedule your inspection) or by visiting our Housing Department and schedule your appointment in person. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
      • Application and filing fee must be received by the Housing Department before a POS inspection can be scheduled.
      • Complete POS Inspection.
      • Correct POS violations within 30 days and schedule a re-inspection with a Housing Inspector. When all violations have been corrected, you will receive a Certificate of Compliance.
      • The buyer corrects assumed violations and schedules a re-inspection with a Housing Inspector; once all violations have been corrected, the owner can request the release of escrow funds.
      • The Housing Department will send a Certificate of Compliance to the title company that is holding escrow and authorize release. If escrow is more than $5,000, a one-time escrow release can be requested for completed violations to be approved by a Housing Inspector.
      • Call the Housing Department at (216) 932-7800 with any questions.