Income and Property Taxes

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Income Tax General Information

Income tax revenues comprise approximately 53% of the City’s total revenue.

The City’s income tax rate on all earned income is 2.50%.  An income tax credit of 1.00% is given to residents who work outside University Heights and have income tax withheld by their work city.  The Regional Income Tax Agency, also known as R.I.T.A., collects income taxes for the City.

Please note, the City of University Heights requires payment of quarterly estimates for current year taxes if the anticipated annual amount of tax due is $50.00 or more.  For information, please contact R.I.T.A. at (440) 526-0900.

Property Tax General Information


For more information, or to apply for the Homestead Exemption for seniors and disabled homeowners contact the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer at (216) 443-7050.  Real estate tax bills are prepared by the Cuyahoga County Treasury Office; for questions on your bill call (216) 443-7400.