Patrick Grogan-Myers

Patrick Grogan-Myers

Housing and Community Development Director 
P: (216) 932-7800, extension 202 
F: (216) 932-5239

The Housing Department

The Housing Department is charged with enforcing the City’s Housing Code (Title Eight, City of University Heights Codified Ordinances), surveying and inspecting all residential buildings and structures. The Department oversees housing programs concerning point of sale inspections, rental properties, vacant and foreclosed properties, complaints and nuisance abatement, and exterior maintenance/appearance code. The Department also provides technical and administrative support to analyze and improve the housing stock in the City of University Heights.

The Housing Department manages rental property, vacant property, foreclosure registrations, point of sale inspections, exterior maintenance program inspections and other activities to ensure that all activity conforms to the Ordinances of the City of University Heights. All Housing Department forms and information are available below and can be filed with the Housing Department (3962 Silsby Road). For permit information click here and for permit fees click here. Fees are payable by cash or check only.

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Point of Sale Inspection

All dwelling units which will be offered FOR SALE will be subject to a required point of sale application.  This is an interior and exterior inspection intended to identify violations of the University Heights Housing Code.  Title of the property may not transfer until all corrections have been made, or an agreement of assumption or assumption of violations – snow cover signed by the buyer(s), along with an Escrow Hold Verification Letter (Sample Escrow Letter), are filed with the Building Department. Please refer to FAQ for more information.

Housing inspectors look for violations of the City Housing Code only.  It is recommended that a buyer secure the services of a qualified private inspector.  Neither the City of University Heights nor its representative assumes any liability or responsibility for failure to report any violation(s).  Inspection by the City does not guarantee that all defects have been discovered.  Furthermore, violation(s) may develop after the inspection.

Rental Property Inspection
Owners of rental home property are required to register with the Building Department.

Rental homes undergo an interior and exterior inspection every two years.  Please refer to the application and Section 1480 of the Codified Ordinances for more information.

Regular Exterior Housing Inspection
The Building Department performs an exterior housing inspection for owner-occupied homes on a regular basis.